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Exhibition fever and new film.

I'm busy in the studio getting ready for the exhibition at Harbour House from 13 - 18th August. It will be my first solo exhibition, so no pressure there!!!

I am also launching my first book called " Through the artist's window" at the show. I am about to give the final proof read before going to print in July which is very exciting and the culmination of months and months of hard work. It has been quite a marathon.

You can see the beautiful film which Luke Rosier of LDR Media produced for me on here now. I have always wanted to be an extra in a film so this was quite like that except I am starring in it, plus my hens of course.

The photograph above shows some prints made from grasses and flowers. They are inked up and run through the press with a background. As you can see some of the sap comes out on the paper but I think that just adds to the charm.

This is the longest day today so make the most of it, hopefully I will be in the studio all day without distractions.

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