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Happy Christmas

2019 has been quite a year and after some rest I'll be back to planning for 2020. I hosted a lovely Christmas Wreath making workshop in the studio last week and I've been clearing it up ever since to make space for packing up presents for Christmas.

My solo exhibition went well and lots of you came to visit which was so wonderful, thank you. I managed to produce my first book, " Through the artist's window," against all odds, with a recurring virus which laid me low for fourteen weeks at the beginning of the year. Thankfully Thumbnail Media, who published the book, were incredibly patient and helped me through it all. [ Copies are still available to buy on here.] I hope the book helps and encourages people through creative blocks and difficult times and provides inspiration throughout the seasons.

We've had a busy family year with our son getting married in the summer and a

new granddaughter being born in November to one of our daughters. I've spent quite a bit of time being a grandmother since then. My Mum at 95 is poorly with dementia and the time I have with her is difficult so it's a joy to be with the new baby, watching her progress and becoming a little person.

In 2020 I am planning on some exciting workshops in the studio, with some different tutors which I'm looking forward to telling you more about in the New Year.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas. Many thanks for your continued support with my artwork.

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Dec 26, 2019

Dear Maggie. Have a Peaceful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Please, could you let me know when you're running your next printing course. I'd really love to take part. All the best for new year. Mirja x

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