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Here we are!

After a long break to cope with Christmas and all that is going on with the world, I feel refreshed by the promise of Spring and all that it brings.

I am very grateful to have got through the last two years fairly unscathed, for everything I have and how fortunate I am to live in this beautiful place.

Days in the studio are precious and I am feeling more creative and getting out to see more of my family and friends, which has been critical to my mental wellbeing. We can become very isolated as artists and all the restrictions over the past two years have affected everybody differently and we have to be appreciative of that. Some have worked solidly on through it all and others, like me, have been rather frozen and blocked.

I am reconnecting with what inspires me, walking and observing more and I have started to try and sketch something every day in a very small book.

Teaching workshops in my studio is happening again with just a few students and this feels manageable and there have been some lovely results as always.

I am busy working on a commission at present but I often find its hard to get going and keep focussed on what I should be doing. Oh and now I'm writing the blog!! So I'm off now to carry on with the painting.

Have a good Wednesday everyone, take care of yourselves.

Maggie xx

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