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How do you feel?

Here we are in June and the rules of lockdown are changing and things are beginning to ease, but my husband and I are staying at home most of the time. We have ventured out a few times, seen some of our family and are still being careful and respectful of others.

I've been plagued with all sorts of ailments including a gum abscess and stomach issues, which under normal circumstances probably wouldn't have been a worry, but they seem to be illuminated when everyone is closed, so I was very grateful to see my dentist last week, at last, when she reopened with all her full PPE gear on!

I've enjoyed the garden a lot, I'm still baking and I have found refuge in the studio to work on a commission. All the ideas I hoped would come haven't really but I'm storing up thoughts and memories of our local walks to use later on. I'm trusting that the creativity will return at some point.

All my exhibitions have been put on hold or cancelled, workshops postponed and galleries closed for the time being. The unhurried days, resting and time for reflection has, however, been good. Let's hope we can all go forward having learnt something about we function as humans and what we are learning from this whole experience.

Hope to see you all soon.

Best wishes and kind thoughts to you all.

Sea, sky, peace


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